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Which Duvet Quilt Is Better? Duck Or Goose?

A duvet quilt is also more commonly known as a comforter. They are large, comfortable and help you in making your bed easily. This is because it reduces the need for multiple sheets, quilts and blankets. When buying a duvet quilt, it is important for you to consider which type of filling you want. You […]

How To Keep The Bathrobe Soft

Bathrobes are fluffy and comfortable for when you just want to relax. They are great in keeping you clean, dry and warm. However with age, every clothe, towel and bathrobe loses its softness and becomes aged. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your bathrobe soft and fluffy all the time! When […]

What Type Of Duvet Do Hotels Use

If you’ve been to a 5 star well renowned hotel, you must have noticed how clean and neat their bedding always looks. Everything is not only clean, it is comfortable as well. Plus, everything is completely white. Hotels mostly use white bedding because they are easy to replace, easy to find when buying and easy […]

Why Are Duvet Covers So Expensive

What Is A Duvet? A duvet may also be more commonly known as a comforter. It is a bedding type full of feathers or wool or any other soft and plush alternative. Making your bed becomes easy with a duvet. It is like a single quilt instead of a lot of blankets, quilts, sheets, etc. […]

How To Tie A Bathrobe

Bathrobes are the ultimate luxury for your skin and body. What better way to relax other than to wear a bathrobe and sit on a cozy couch? However if you’ve ever had a bathrobe, you know that they aren’t easy to tie. The knot may either be too big or one knot strap may be […]