Difference Between Queen Bedding, Twin Bedding & Full Bedding Sets

Choosing the right bedding is an important factor in setting the desired tone of a bedroom. You must consider factors like the size of the bedding, the kind of fabric used, the print or pattern, the color and quality of the material etc. While choosing the later can be comparatively easier, getting the right size of the bedding for your bedroom can be a daunting task. With the standard sizes of Queen bedding, twin or double bedding and full bedding, it can become super confusing. Especially with so many brands to choose from which just label the bedding sets with the standard names and do not provide specifications. As a result one often ends up buying a bedding set that is either too large or two small for their bed. Learning more about the sizing which is specific to your bed will help you choose better.

The difference in the Queen Bedding, Twin Bedding and Full Bedding Sets is the difference in their sizes. Let us discuss each separately so you have a better knowledge of their measurements.

Queen Bedding

Although the Queen sized mattresses are almost the same size as the full sized mattress, the bedding or bed linens are made slightly larger. The aim of which is to create that regal and luxurious feel of extra fabric which brings comfort and relaxation. The Queen sized bedding has an extra feel of coziness in it. From the bed skirts to comforters, every piece has a touch of royalty. Except the pillow cases that come in a standard size of 20 x 26 inches. Other measurements that you should know about are.

  • Mattress: 60 x 80 inches; 153 x 203 cm.
  • Bedskirt:  60 x 80 inches; 153 x 203 cm.
  • Fitted Sheet: 60 x 80 inches; 153 x 203 cm.
  • Flat Sheet: 90 x 102 inches; 228 x 259 cm.
  • Comforter: 86 x 86 inches; 218 x 218 cm.

Twin Bedding

The Twin sized beds are ideal for people who don’t take up much space to sleep and these fit well into college dorm rooms, childhood shared bedrooms and small apartments etc. The size of sheets for Twin Bedding is generally around 8 inches and is perfect to fit a 7 inch mattress. Although if your mattress is extra thick you may need a bigger size of sheet and can always check for pocket sizes of sheets. The pillow cases are always standard sized of 20 x 26 inches. Other measurements are.

  • Mattress: 39 x 75 inches; 99 x 190 cm.
  • Bedskirt: 39 x 75 inches; 99 x 190 cm.
  • Fitted Sheet: 39 x 75 inches; 99 x 190 cm.
  • Flat Sheet: 68 x 96 inches; 167 x 243 cm.
  • Comforter: 68 x 86 inches; 173 x 218 cm.
  • Duvet: 59 x 79 inches; 150 x 201 cm.

Full Bedding

These are an upgrade from the Twin Beddings but are still smaller than the Queen Bedding. Full Bedding s ideal for sleepers who move around in their sleep, teens or tweens who want more wiggle room etc. Full-sized Bedding come with the standard sized pillow cases, 20 x 26 inches, along with other stuff. Other measurements are.

  • Mattress: 54 x 75 inches; 137 x 90 cm.
  • Bedskirt: 54 x 75 inches; 137 x 90 cm.
  • Fitted Sheet: 54 x 75 inches; 137 x 90 cm.
  • Flat Sheet: 81 x 96 inches; 205 x 243 cm.
  • Comforter: 86 x 86 inches; 218 x 218 cm.

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