Factors Which Help Buy Quality Hotel Bathrobes From China Suppliers

A comfortable bathrobe is one of the luxurious necessities which any good hotel should have. They are a great way to help your guests feel pampered and at home. In this day and age, with advancing science, bathrobes come in a lot of different materials and styles. There are many choices and selections you can choose from. However, choosing the right bathrobes for your hotel can be difficult. What with hundreds of different choices and places in China to buy from.

Here are a few guiding tips which can help you choose the perfect bathrobe in China for your hotel. This will help you distinguish amongst the many kinds and styles of bathrobes.

  1. Choosing the right robe fabric. The fabric is the most important aspect of a bathrobe. It defines how soft it is, the weight, the comfort , the absorbency, etc. Fabric types can range anything from cotton to satin. The right fabric to choose depends on the intended use of the bathrobe. Most people use bathrobes for lounging around or wearing after a bath. Here are a few fabric types you can consider:
  • Microfiber robes. These robes are extremely light weight, comfortable and breathable. These robes are an excellent choice for lounging around. Although they are new to market, they have become very popular to be used in spas and hotels. It is completely water absorbent and very soft. However they are extremely costly.
  • Spa robes. These robes are made up of two materials. The exterior is made up of microfibers while the interior is soft cotton terry material. The exterior has a shiny look while the interior is completely water absorbent. It is lightweight as well. However, again, these robes are very expensive.
  • Cotton terry robes. These are intended to be used after a shower. They have good absorbent quality but become heavy after.
  • Silk and satin. These are not water absorbent and should be used for lounging only. They are soft, silky and lightweight.
  1. Selecting sizes. People with different weights and heights will visit your hotel. Keep that in mind and buy many different sizes of bathrobes. One size does not fit all.
  2. Other features to include in your search for bathrobes are functionality related. For example, hoods, pockets, cuffs, inside ties, shawl collars, etc. All of these features may cost more but are great if you want your hotel to have a good image and name.

For a good bathrobe with great functionality and good quality, choose to buy your robes from Guangzhou Ulinen. Since they keep in touch with market trends, they can provide you with bathrobes made of different materials. They’ll provide you with bathrobes according to your specific needs! Other than that, they also make other things such as bedding sets, table linens, towels, etc. Their customers are highly renowned 5 star hotels such as Marriott and Sheraton. This should encourage you to trust them with providing you with great quality bathrobes.

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