How To Tie A Bathrobe

Bathrobes are the ultimate luxury for your skin and body. What better way to relax other than to wear a bathrobe and sit on a cozy couch? However if you’ve ever had a bathrobe, you know that they aren’t easy to tie. The knot may either be too big or one knot strap may be hanging around loose.

Here are a few types on how to tie a bathrobe perfectly:

  1. Slip on the bathrobe evenly. Make sure the shoulder seams are perfectly aligned and flat. Make sure your arms have been fully covered by the sleeves and are comfortably inside.
  2. Bring the left half of your robe toward the right half of the robe. There will be a sash or tie near the left half of the robe. The sash or tie will be inside the right half of your robe. Bring those two together and tie them. The left half of your robe should be secured and snuggling your body.
  3. Bring the right half of your robe toward the left side. Make sure to hold it in place.
  4. Make sure the tie has no folds on it. It should be perfectly flat. Grab the ends of the tie or sash on the outer robe.
  5. Bring you left tie/sash over the right tie/sash and tie it in a loop. The left tie/sash should be coming up the loop. The right tie/sash should be down at the bottom of the loop.
  6. Bring your left tie/sash toward the bottom like the right tie/sash. The left tie/sash should now be hanging evenly exactly next to the right tie/sash.
  7. Grab the left end of the sash and cross it over the right end of the sash. Then cross the end of the right sash against the left sash. Both of the ends should be coming out from behind the robe. The flat sash at the back should be covering the knot with the ends hanging out.

When buying a bathrobe, make sure you get one that fits you perfectly. Always try them on before buying. The way a bathrobe closes has different types. There may be buttons or sashes or zips. Choose the desired style you want. Also make sure that you choose the desired fabric. If you like to sleep in your bathrobe, make sure the material is light and comfortable. Notice whether it has a hood. If you feel colder than normal, get one with a hood and pockets. If you like to use a bathrobe after a bath, make sure you get a bathrobe with water absorbent material. Like a towel.

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