What Type Of Duvet Do Hotels Use

If you’ve been to a 5 star well renowned hotel, you must have noticed how clean and neat their bedding always looks. Everything is not only clean, it is comfortable as well. Plus, everything is completely white. Hotels mostly use white bedding because they are easy to replace, easy to find when buying and easy to clean as well.

Hotels want their customers to feel comfortable and at home. Which is why they tend to find the best companies and suppliers for their bedding products. They make sure everything is a 100% perfect.

Most visitors to a hotel usually want to know the secret behind their soft and comfortable duvet quilts and pillows. Why are their pillows and quilts so soft? What is it that they use? Is there a technique or is it in the material?

The answer is pretty simple. Although it does depend on the likes of the person.

Hotels usually use duvet quilts filled with either feathers or down. Feathers and down come from ducks and geese but there is a lot of difference between feathers and down. For starters, feathers are the outer plumage of the bird. Feathers are what helps those birds to fly and keep them dry and warm. They usually have a spine to which the hair-like strands are attached to. Those spines are called quills. Duvet quilts which are feather filled are known to be heavier but much more supportive. They provide adequate insulation without you feeling as if its too hot. The air is trapped between the feathers which help you to feel warm and comfortable.

Whereas down feathers are much more softer and light-weight. Down is found near the belly of ducks and geese. They have no quills attached to them and can be easily visualized as a dandelion. In a feather duvet quilt, more feathers are added because the feathers are flat. However in a down duvet quilt, these tufts fill up the duvet quilt easily and hence, less down is required. This is what makes the down duvet quilts softer and light-weight. Down duvet quilts are breathable and provide twice the amount of insulation as compared to a feather duvet quilt. You can easily differentiate between a down and feather duvet quilt. With a feather duvet quilt, the quills of the feather may sometimes poke through. This is the only downside to them. This is not the case with down duvet quilts. They last longer than your average feather duvet quilt. The downside to down duvet quilts is that they are extremely expensive.

Hotels tend to use down duvet quilts made out of goose down. Goose down is softer than duck downs. Plus, since ducks have a diverse diet as compared to geese which only eat grass, their feathers and down may have a bit of bad odour. The bad odour causes them to be replaced every once in a while or once a year. Hotels tend to prefer goose down quilts because of the fact that they are long lasting as well.

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