Which Duvet Quilt Is Better? Duck Or Goose?

A duvet quilt is also more commonly known as a comforter. They are large, comfortable and help you in making your bed easily. This is because it reduces the need for multiple sheets, quilts and blankets.

When buying a duvet quilt, it is important for you to consider which type of filling you want. You may not really want to dwell on what type of filling a duvet has but it is important for you to know the differences. More commonly, duvet quilts are filled with either feathers and down from ducks and geese. Even the feathers and down from a duck or goose are different in weight, insulation and comfort.


The biggest difference between feathers and down is due to the part of the duck or goose they are found on. Feathers are found on the outside of the duck or goose. They cover the bird and provide them warmth. Feathers usually have a spine-like quill. This helps the birds to keep dry and help them fly.

Feathers are known to be larger and heavier than down. This is due to the quills. The larger the quills, the more hair-like strands it will have. Feathers are long and flat in shape. Which is why more feathers are needed to fill a duvet quilt as compared to down to provide adequate insulation.

Feather filled duvet quilts are more supportive and bulky. This is due to the fact that the feathers have a heavier weight. They also tend to keep you warm without feeling like an oven.

The biggest disadvantage of a feather filled quilt may be the quills which run through the feathers. They may often poke you through the cover and be uncomfortable. The bigger than quills, the more likelihood of them poking.


Down are the soft under tufts found in the bird. They are usually found near its belly. They have no quills and can be pictured as soft balls of cotton or a dandelion. Down quilts are very soft, light weight and provide good insulation by trapping the air. However they are very expensive. Some people are even allergic to down.

Duck Or Goose

A duck feather/down quilt tends to be heavier than a goose feather/ down quilt. This is because ducks are smaller birds with smaller feathers. Goose filling is much more resilient and durable than a duck’s. Plus, goose feather/down clusters are larger and softer than that of a duck. Moreover, there is the problem of bad odour with duck feathers. This is due to the fact that a duck’s diet is diverse than a goose. However a higher quality duck duvet will be more long lasting than a low quality goose duvet. If quality matters to you, a goose duvet will be a better choice.

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