Why Are Duvet Covers So Expensive

What Is A Duvet?

A duvet may also be more commonly known as a comforter. It is a bedding type full of feathers or wool or any other soft and plush alternative. Making your bed becomes easy with a duvet. It is like a single quilt instead of a lot of blankets, quilts, sheets, etc.

What Is A Duvet Cover?

As the name suggests, a duvet cover is a cover for the duvet. They are like an extra protective cover for a plain and regular duvet or comforter. You can easily change it according to the colours you want. Washing the whole duvet can be expensive and a duvet cover can help make the task easy. It prevents the duvet from getting dirty. Only the duvet cover gets dirty. The cover is easily removable and easily washable. It is also a great and easy way to redecorate! Duvet covers give your duvets a fresh look!

Why Are Duvet Covers So Expensive?

There are multiple reasons why a duvet cover is so expensive.

First and foremost is the fabric cost. Since duvet covers need to be huge to cover a huge duvet or a queen or king size bed, a lot of fabric is used into making these covers. The larger the bed or duvet, the more fabric is needed to make the cover. Moreover, fabric costs are also high because of the easy-care, wrinkle resistant and quality of material used to make the duvet covers. The fabric used to create duvet covers needs to be resistant to wear and tear. Which is why such fabrics require higher thread counts for added durability. Apart from these reasons, any additions to the duvet cover fabric such as buttons, embroidery and designs may also add to the cost of the item.

Manufacturing is another reason why the price of duvet covers is expensive. It takes a few hours, 3-4 most likely, to create a duvet cover. The time depends on the style and design chosen for the duvet cover. Since duvet cover fabrics are supposed to be huge, a great number of labourers are required to handle that fabric. Quality workmanship is ensured this way and the end result is always fabulous.

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